Bon Jovi opening act contest: What a week!

Bon jovi opening act contest montreal top 10

The Bon Jovi opening act contest is finally closed… what a crazy week this was!

Jon Bon Jovi’s organization & Evenko opened a contest last week inviting local bands and singers to submit a song so you can all vote and make one of them become the official opening act of the 2018 This House Is Not For Sale Tour at the Bell Center on April 4-5.

Between March 20 and March 28, Steph and his most recent single Last Train were competing against Montreal area upcoming artists such as Travis Cormier, Rosa, Andie Duquette, Angel Forrest and Five Roses.

Did you vote? We bet you did! Because of your impressive support, Steph made it to the Top 10!

Congratulations to Travis Cormier for the win on the votes. Now let’s see who the judges will choose between the finalists to rock the Bell Center. This has been a crazy week and your support is much appreciated. Thank you for the votes, you showed up and proved to Steph he can count on you by helping him hit an amazing 6th place out of close to a hundred bands… This is really really….. really cool!

TOP 10 FINALISTS (based on the votes):

  • 1- Travis Cormier
  • 2- Simon Morin
  • 3- The Rising Few
  • 4- Mercury Messiah
  • 5- The Record Breakers
  • 6- ***STEPH MORIN***
  • 7- Wolves at Midnight
  • 8- Rusted
  • 9- Rosa
  • 10- Andie Duquette

*Source: Evenko contest page:



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