Vote to see Steph open for Bon Jovi in Montreal!

Bon jovi opening act contest

As you probably know, Bon Jovi has always been a huge influence for Steph. They basically are the reason why he decided to take the guitar and learn to play.

As the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame inductees are stopping at the Bell Center in Montreal for their This House Is Not For Sale Tour on April 4th & 5th, they decided to run an opening act contest.

Guess what? You can vote for Steph if you want to watch him step on the stage to warm up the crowd before the Bon Jovi show!

The first day has been great so far, as the Montreal based singer-songwriter goes to bed with the 4th place in the top chart! Pretty cool! These votes are much appreciated and we invite you to spread the word and ask for your friends votes. Together, we can make it happen and there is still a week to go before the juges make their final selection.

We’ve got a promise from Steph that if he wins, this will be the best 20 minutes you’ve ever seen from an opening act! The band is ready to rock, the nights are sold out, get ready for some huge fun!

Most important! Cast your vote by clicking on the link below and help Steph meet his favorite band!


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