I’ll Be Driving (single)


Steph Morin - I'll Be Driving Single
September 29, 2023
Steph Morin
Steph Morin Music
Producer: Steph Morin / Martin Gauthier / Marc-André Binette

Close to a year after the release of his most recent single ‘Older’, the Canadian country singer-songwriter is back with a brand new song called ‘I’ll Be Driving’, a 4-to-the-floor roadtrip anthem that will undoubtedly make you want to hit the road for a ‘’no-destination’’ journey. Who hasn’t dreamed of leaving everything behind to embark on a new adventure in life?

Great pictures, a catchy hook, guitars, banjo & steel guitars sounds, everything is in place for an enjoyable 3:20 minutes. Reminiscent of the best Zac Brown Band pop songs, this new single is a great follow up to the latest singles released by the Montreal artist.

Steph co-produced this song with Martin Gauthier & Marc-André Binette, his good friends with whom he has been creating his song for nearly 10 years now. We can feel the undeniable chemistry of the trio, which pushes the arrangements a little further each time with a new instrument or a new sound. A beautiful demonstration of constant musical evolution. ‘’There is always great care and a tremendous amount of time invested in the creation of songs, from writing to mixing,’’ as the country singer explains.

This new single announces the release of an 8-song album set to be released this Fall (official date will be announced in early October). It’s a solid and well-defined album that will showcase the singer’s songwriter and performer talent and how much he is in complete control of his art. The new-country scene is likely to be pleasantly surprised by this new work, which will arrive on all digital platforms around the world in the coming weeks!

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