Older (single)


older by steph morin album cover
October 21, 2022
Steph Morin
Steph Morin Music
Producer: Steph Morin / Martin Gauthier / Marc-André Binette

It’s pretty clear that Steph Morin is currently in full control both vocally and lyrically. He proposes a new single called ‘OLDER’, a mature and nostalgic tune that de-dramatizes the fact of aging. As he gets closer to 40 years old, it is with a little more gray in the beard that the Montreal-based singer brings an optimistic reflection about time passing quickly. He depicts age as an enriching experience, as he wrote in the line ‘’They say they measure a man by the lines on his face’’.

Musically, we definitely recognize the ‘Steph Morin’ signature and the Luke Combs influence. The new single is enriched with more pronounced mandolin and banjo sounds, electric guitars are always there, and the chorus is worthy of the powerful American new-country hooks. As he’s surrounded by his good friends and co-producers Martin Gauthier and Marc-André Binette since several years now, we can easily feel the team chemistry in the music and the time invested in that project that will lead to an album release in a few months.

Slowly but surely, Steph imposes himself in a beautiful way in the country music landscape. He offers a great follow-up to ‘Summertime’, ‘Grab That Beer Buddy’ and ‘To Live Again’… Available on your favorite digital music platform!

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