Steph Morin Now album cover by Katherine Bonnot
November 3, 2023
Steph Morin
Steph Morin
Producer: Steph Morin / Martin Gauthier / Marc-André Binette
  1. Grab That Beer Buddy
  2. I’ll Be Driving
  3. Front Porch
  4. Walk Like a Man
  5. Summertime
  6. Older
  7. To Live Again
  8. If I Die Tomorrow

Album credits: Steph Morin (Lead vocals, Backing vocals, Acoustic guitar), Martin Gauthier (Mix, Bass, Banjo, Piano, Backing vocals), Marc-André Binette (Guitars, Mandolin, Backing vocals), François Mathieu (drums, Backing vocals), Sylvain Pouliot (Banjo, Steel guitar), Tommy Gauthier (Mandolin, Violin), Raffy (Backing vocals), Claudine Bergeron (Backing vocals), Philip Gosselin (Mastering), Bernard Slobodian (Mastering), Natacha Driscoll (Photography), Katherine Bonnot (Album cover design)

Produced by Steph Morin, Martin Gauthier & Marc-André Binette

Recorded at Garage à Musique, Terrebonne, Qc, Can

Mastered at Small Mastering Studio & Le Lab, Montreal, Qc, Can.

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