Grab That Beer Buddy (single)


Steph Morin Grab That Beer Buddy single cover art
October 1, 2021
Steph Morin
Steph Morin Music
Producer: Steph Morin / Martin Gauthier / Marc-André Binette

Steph has been quite busy since he released his latest single ‘Summertime’! Only 3 months have passed and he’s back with ‘Grab That Beer Buddy’, a new and festive radio track that will warm you up this Fall.

The New-Country singer-songwriter from Montreal, Quebec offers a lively and warm rythm reminiscent of the atmosphere of the Irish Pubs. While listening to the song, you will certainly remember some good moments passed with old friends, and the arrangements of guitars, mandolin and violons will make you feel like you are partying in the same room as the musicians.

Grab That Beer Buddy’ is the second single of an upcoming album to be released in 2022. It shows a great evolution not only at the music, but also at the songwriting level. The well assembled and nostalgic lyrics dotted with anecdotes promotes friendship and family, two of Steph’s deeply rooted values.

This promising song might impose even more the name of Steph Morin in the New-Country landscape in the coming months. Open a can of your favorite beer and enjoy the song!

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