Do What You Can by Jon Bon Jovi & Steph Morin

New Song Collaboration

Jon Bon Jovi Steph Morin Do What You Can

A week ago, Steph started the Quarantine Session, a series of videos on YouTube. The goal was to spread a bit of positive in these uncertain times as people were stuck at home in quarantine. For 5 days in a row, Steph presented some acoustic versions of his songs and a cover of Avicii’s ‘Wake Me Up’, and the reaction was great, but on the sixth night, he posted the result of an unexpected collaboration, thanks to Jon Bon Jovi who started the #DoWhatYouCan challenge on his social medias asking his fans to write the second verse of the song.

Here is ‘Do What You Can’, a song about the current worldwide situation, the common anxiety, how it affects people, and the good things that are coming out of this whole thing, although we are hoping that we can get back to our normal lives as quick as possible. Enjoy and be safe!

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