‘I Won’t Forget You’ music video & EP details

Steph Morin I won't Forget You single coming soon

Since ‘Last Train’, Steph’s latest single released a few months ago, many cool things happened. The song has played in many radios across Canada & United States and the support has been just amazing. Now, it’s time for new music and the second single is about to be here in just a few days.

A new song called ‘I Won’t Forget You’ will be featured with 4 other songs including ‘Last Train’ on an EP to be released in the end of May, beginning of June (official date will be announced very shortly). It is Steph’s second radio single. Your Canadian singer-songwriter is still rocking this one while adding his little country twist, we really hope you’ll enjoy it!

The brand new music video directed by Jean-Francois Lejour will be available to watch on YouTube on Saturday, May 5th while you wait until the song becomes available for download.

Photo Credit: Francis Brisson
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