Time For Goodbye (single)

Steph Morin Time For Goodbye single album cover
February 8, 2017
Steph Morin
Beach Bar Records | CD Baby
Producer: Steph Morin
Like many of us, Steph experienced the loss of a grandfather, being at this moment in the hospital room in the company of his own father. It was quite an emotional moment, and he was shocked to see his old man completely broken around his father’s bed. Out of that came this song, which he wrote thinking ‘’what would I say if I were the one who lost his father that day?’’. It shows how precious are the little moments with the people you love and how wrenching it is to experience that ”last goodbye” moment.

At first, Steph was reluctant to include this highly personal song on the album, but something magical happened in the studio as the recording process took place. The deal was sealed when Andre Proulx blew through his tremendous violin solo, giving chills to the entire production team. Everyone knew at this point that this new recording would become a really moving song.

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