Back in the Studio

New album in the plans

Steph Morin Studio Productions Pixie album 2021

Steph is back in the studio with his partners Martin Gauthier & Marc-André Binette and it looks like a new album is in the plans!

A year and a half has passed since he released ‘I Won’t Forget You‘, his debut EP album including ‘Last Train’, his first country-rock single that made it to the radio. In January 2020, he released a live album called ‘Live in Montreal‘ as a thank you gift to his fans, announcing that he started working on some new songs.

Last week, Steph posted a picture on his social accounts showing that he was in the studio working on his new songs with Les Productions Pixie.

According to him, the next album will probably be out in early 2021 and you should expect a more define country signature. Steph said the guitars will still be present, but the approach will be a little more modern.

More news to come in 2020, stay tuned!

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