Live mini-album planned for early 2020

Release date to be announced shortly

steph morin live album planned early 2020

A year and a half has already passed since Steph Morin released his latest EP called ‘I Won’t Forget You‘ and the time has come to thank the fans for their great support since then.

The Montreal based musician is now back in the studio working on some brand new songs, but he won’t let his fans wait too long until the new material comes out… He just announced that a live recording will be available as soon as early 2020!

Steph and his friend Martin Gauthier are almost done mixing the live songs and the official release date will be communicated very shortly. The track list is not available yet.

Stay tuned for more details about the forthcoming live release, share the news with your friends and don’t forget to follow Steph’s Facebook page for more updates.

Photo Credit: Line Fortin

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