Steph’s interview & unplugged performance at the BigPatShow

steph morin bigpatshow interview oct19

Steph was in Trois-Rivières for a live interview and unplugged performance at the BigPatShow Bon Jovi Special hosted by Pat Gosselin on Nov. 2.

He played a few of his hit songs you know like ‘Last Train’, ‘I Won’t Forget You’ and ‘Believe’, and some very interesting versions of his more rock songs ‘World War III’ and ‘Unreachable‘.

A Bon Jovi special wouldn’t be a complete event without a cover or two… that’s why Steph decided to throw in two Bon Jovi hits only for this event. He played ‘In These Arms’, one of his top Bon Jovi picks, and ‘Welcome To Wherever You Are’, a song featured on the ‘Have a Nice Day’ album.

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